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The lace is produced with sewing needles, and each blossom made with time-consuming manual labour tells its very own story.

The lace belongs to some of the most sophisticated lace in terms of the amount of work involved. Production demands good eyesight, much light, plenty of patience and time as well. Up to three weeks are needed for a necklace.

Elaborate handiwork: lace as a necklace, earring, brooch and ring. "It's a very fine form of handiwork, a special type of needlework."

This fine needlework similar to lace is produced with needle and thread. Coloured blossoms can be made from very fine lace, and if desired from silk as well.

  • Frische, bunte und fršhliche Halskette von Kosmetik F&I Tamer
  • Traumhafte Kette mit weissen Blumen

  • Kosmetik, Schmuck, Beauty in GŸtersloh
  • F&I Tamers Detailreiche Halsketten
  • Wunderschšne, individuelle, handgefertigte Halskette mit Vogelmotiv